Trip Around the World

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Trip Around the World


Chocolate has been around for centuries & it has a left a unique footprint in every continent of the world. Our ‘Trip Around the World’ Gift Pack gives you a glimpse of these exquisite flavour combinations, developed in various parts of the world, over thousands of years.

Inspired by the Japanese Ginger Festival at the Eifuku Inari Shrine – Our ‘Tokyo Ginger Logs’ are a warming combination of sweet crystallised ginger pieces that have been dipped in a creamy, decadent milk chocolate casing, creating a flavour explosion as you chew.

Inspired by their pronounced style of marrying the banana & toffee, our ‘Greek Banoffee Cones’ are filled with creamy banana, inside of crisp caramelly milk chocolate casing.

Our ‘Istanbul Pistachio Crèmes’ have a crisp white chocolate shell filled with smooth nutty pistachio paste. Each bite will take you on a flavour journey, all the way back to ancient Middle‐East.

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Tokyo Ginger Logs

Istanbul Pistachio Cremes

Greek Banoffee 

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